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Coca Cola

Happiness Wave

The most exciting moment during a World Cup game is when the Mexican wave arrives. Thousands of people getting on their feet in unison like a human wave. To witness it surely is exciting but being part of it is breathtaking.


Coca-Cola turns football fans from across the world into participants in one of the funniest moments of the World Cup: the mexican wave. Inviting them into a wave of happiness, which starts on the web and travels to the stadium. 
The Happiness Wave.

A specific website will collect everyone's wave. The objective is to make the largest Mexican wave ever seen. But the Happiness Wave won't stop at the web. In fact, 32 users (one from every country involved) will have the chance to get involved at the World Cup final as the connecting link between the virtual wave on the big screen and the real one in the stadium. We can't take the whole world to Brazil, but we can send everyone there in spirit and build the first mexican wave which unites every fan, regardless of where they are.

Enjoy the world wide wave.


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