Role: Art Director

Eurobest Young Competition 2014

Save a hero

Eurobest Young Competition is a creative challenge for young creative couples under 28. The entrants are given a brief by a charity and are given 48 hours to respond to it.

Our client was the blood donation association FIDAS, the task was to create an integrated campaign to raise awareness on the importance of every single donation and to spread an healty lifestyle.


Donating your blood is a great act, it's more then being a hero, you have the opportunity to Save a hero.

The print ad shows the paradox of astronauts, doctors and firemen askin for help to a normal person with a great power, the power to save their lives.

The mobile app "Save a hero" helps you having a healty lifestyle with fitness tracking and alimentation advices to prepare yourself for the next donation.

To make count every single donation the users will receive a custom post on their facebook profile with a video thanksgiving from a hero.


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Eurobest Young Competition 2014

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