Business Booster

A platform to improve family businesses

Client: Renault

Agency: Publicis Rome

Role: Creative / Art Director

Year: 2015

85% of italian enterprises are family run businesses. The worst problem for them is the relationships between fathers and sons, which can become hostile because of everyday close contact at work that threatens their business. The solution? To split them up. That’s why we developed for Renault’s commercial Vehicles the Business Booster app, which helps collaborate while being apart. Business Booster became a TV series that boosted enterprises, strengthening family union, and also an online platform for family businesses.

The Business Booster app is an innovative tool kit. It helps fathers and sons to collaborate together even when distant: to share a document, managing the deliveries or the products in stock has never been easier. The app has been created with the partnership of Google for Work.

Despite the frictions, father and sons are more similar than the believed, because even if in different ways, they both want the best for their business. In order to prove it, we made them protagonists of some test drives, that each one did separately. Their opinion on the test drive has been the same. The test drive has been the first step for being more close each other.

Business Booster landed on TV becoming a TV format: “SOS Family Business”. A great business manager and an expert visual consultant, went around Italy looking for companies in crisis because of the bad relationship between fathers and sons. Analysing the situation, the two experts found a solution every time, using the tools and the vehicles made available by Renault.