The Candidate

The first job interview you can't prepare for

Client: Heineken

Agency: Publicis Rome

Role: Art Director

Year: 2013

Heineken is world famous for its beer, but not much is known about the company behind the beer. To start building a positive corporate image, Heineken wanted to demonstrate that the Heineken brand attitude Open your world is also lived and breathed within the company. We had to prove that the world is full of possibilities that can only be accessed when getting out of your comfort zone and therefore challenges small-minded thinking and cultural stereotyping.

Even the most traditional and predictable situation can be turned into an unconventional brand programming and entertainment content to engage with consumers and to make internal audiences proud.

The Candidate: a secretly filmed job interview that gets applicants out of their comfort zone to test their wit and recognise the talent that best fits Heineken. All job seekers moved through a 3-stage interview: from an over-familiar interviewer, to a surprise heart attack and a fire drill.The three best candidates were put to a public vote and the winner was brought to the Juventus Stadium to celebrate his new job.

Even the most traditional and predictable situation can be turned into an opportunity to Open your world. Heineken changed the standard recruitment process by pushing job seekers through the unexpected. Applicants had to compile a CV that doesn’t focus on their job skills but on their real personality: the Social CV, a Facebook application that connects all their social profiles to generate the real CV. The intention was to get them out of their comfort zone, so that they could demonstrate to fit with the Heineken spirit for which they would deserve to be considered for a job in Heineken.